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professional kitchen equipments, kitchen cabinet equipments among others
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Multi-Purpose Steam Boiler
SS Inner, MS Jacketed Outer,
Float ball Assembly to control water feeding,
Safety valve, Gauge Glass and Blow Down Valve.
Firewood, Gas, Diesel & Electrical
Operated. Pressure 5 to 15 PSI. Evaporation
Capacity 7 kg. To 100 kg./Hour

Steam Line Iddly Box
Designed to prepare iddlies in bulk for Mass Catering, Puttu, Idiappam, Eggs & Mutton, also can be boiled. Constrction SS, stand MS. Works on Low Pressure Steam (3 to 5PSI) Separate steam generators also provided to supply steam. Models range from 36 to 400 Iddlies per charge.

Fabricated with Heavy Guage MS/SS Plates
& Tubes. Operation Firewood. Gas Diesel
& Electricity Models : 15, 25, 40, 55, 70 and
90 rooms. Works on Gravitational
Pressure. No feed pump is required

Hot Case (Bain Marie)
Construction SS 16 SWG Electrical Model
& Steam connection, mounted on MS/SS pipes
Model : 3 to 10 holes.

Single Burner Gas Oven with Backsplash
Single Burner Gas Oven for Poori & Vada 1 HP Burner, Frame MS, Top & Sides SS, Cast Iron Pan Support.

Double Burner Gas Oven
Double Burner Gas Oven for Tandoori Side
Dish 2 HP Burner, Frame MS Top & Sides SS,
Cast Iron Pan Support.

SS Work Table

Size : as per Requirement


Makes puffed Chappattis efficiently for bulk requirement. Machine polished mild steel plate with cast iron grid for puffing, and stainless steel top panels.

Chettinad Display Cooking Counter with Canopy

Size : as per Requirement

Multi Purpose Trolley

Chat Items Counter

Size : as per Requirement

Pav Baji Counter

Size : as per Requirement

Kitchen Pickup Counter

Size : as per Requirement

Collection Trolley with Trays

SS Fabrication with Castor Wheels

Service Trolley

Size : as per Requirement

Canteen Dinning Table

92" x 30" x 30" + 18 8 seater Dining Table Top Stainless Steel 18 Swg 304 Quality Seats : 13" DIA S.S. Frame & Legs : H.D. MS Square Pipes Powder Coated

Dosa & Chappathi Plate

Various sizes in Electrical Model
and Gas Model. Custom Built.

Tandoori Pot

is Fabricated by SS Sheet and Insulation.

Double Burner Gas Oven

Twin Burner range with 1 HP Burner & 1 LP Burner Frame MS, Top & Sides SS, Cast Iron Pan Support.
Size : 1000 * 500 * 750 mm.

Single Burner Gas Oven

Gas Stock Pot Stove with 1 HP Burner, Frame MS, Top & Sides SS, Cast Iron Pan Support.
Size : 500 * 500 * 600 mm.

SS Round Model Table

Dining Table for Marriage Hall:

72" x 20" x 30" SS Top and M.S. Frame with powder coated

Platform for steam boiler

Platform to work and collect cooked rice

Dipper Type Sterilizer

Three Hole
Washing Sink

Size : as per Requirement.
2' 0" * 6' 0" * 33"

Spoon Sterlizer

L Type 2 hole / 3 Hole Steam Boiler

Operated by Fire wood / Husk

Service Counter with Hot Food Cabinet
Size : as per Requirement

Juice Counter
Size : as per Requirement

SS Parcel Counter
with Hot Case
Size : as per Requirement

Milk / Tea / Coffee Counter
Size : as per

Chute Table
Usable at Vegetable Cutting area and Plate
Washing area

Pot Rack
Ideal for storing heavy utensils in the kitchen. Completely made of SS pipes with adjustable nylon bullet feet.Std. and custom built sizes. .

Platform Trolley

Completely made of SS. sheet and pipe. Heavy duty rubberised castors, transporting kitchen.Materials. 2,3,4 and 5 shelves available. Standard and custom built models

Operated by LP Gas Direct Gas Flame. Construction of 16/ 18 SWG SS Sheet. Capacity from 60 to 100 Iddlies per charge.

Coffee Hot Case
Construction SS 16 & SWG Electrical Model & Steam connection, mounted on MS /SS pipes Model : 2 holes.

Chinese Cooking Range with Backsplash
Fabricated with Heavy Gauge MS / SS Plates & Tubes.

Plate Warmer
Size : as per Requirement

Dish Landing Table with Chute with Over - Head Shelves

Hand Wash Basin
SS Delux Model Hand Wash Basin Custom Built

SS Tea Trolley Custom Built

Hand Wash Sink
Provision for Taps Size: 6'x l'x30"+6 3"rd outlet

SS Pot Rack
Size : as per Requirement.

Delux Model Juice Counter Cum Cooler
Size :as per Requirement

SS Service Counter
SS Service Counter with Over head shelf, can be made as per Requirement

Kneading Stand
skirting to prevent spillage. Size : as per Requirement
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